UK Entry Clearance requirements are as follows, make sure you follow the guidance bellow to have a successful application.

The room sizes are as follows:

Floor Area M sq (Sq Ft)Permitted Numbers
10.23 (110) or more2
8.37 (90) up to 10.23 (110)1.5
6.51 (70) up to 8.37 (90)1
4.65 (50) to 6.51 (70)0.5
Less than 4.65Nil


  • 0.5 a person is classed as a child at the ages of 1 – 10 years, after the age of 10 the child becomes 1 person.
  • Babies can share with their parents if under 1 and are not included for this purpose.
  • Children of opposite sex can only share a bedroom up until the age of 10 years old.
  • Children cannot share a bedroom with an adult apart from the biological Mother and Father.
  • Siblings aged over 10 years cannot share a bedroom with another of the opposite sex who is under 10 years.
  • There must be one toilet and wash hand basin for every 5 inhabitants.
  • You must have a kitchen which is fully functional (e.g. stoves, oven and hot & cold running water into a sink) and can support the inhabitants of the property including the person/ persons coming into the UK.
  • There must be a fixed heating system in the property (e.g. heating in every habitable room).
  • The property must be kept in good order (e.g. no loose slates, no leaking gutters).

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