1. Can be either a lump sum, percentage of the construction cost (the simpler the project the lower the percentage fee charged), or time charged at an hourly rate, depending on the nature of the project.

  2. Lump Sum fees for small projects are capped at the figure given and you will only be charged for the time actually spent up to that figure.

  3. Other forms of charging for work done based on profit share or increase in value can be agreed if appropriate for commercial projects.

  4. VAT is excluded.




  1. Telephone calls, texts, emails and letters.

  2. All reasonable numbers of copies and prints of drawings and other documents up to A3.


Services for which an additional charge is made:


  1. Travelling costs.

  2. Out of pocket expenses and disbursements (OS extracts and LA planning fees etc).

  3. Issuing of CAD files in an editable format. 

  4. Prints / copies of drawings and documents over A3.

  5. Local authority building control and approved inspector fees.

  6. Unreasonable negotiations with local authorities and contractors. 

  7. Presentation drawings over and above those ordinarily prepared.

  8. Editable CAD files.

  9. Specialist historic building reports and surveys.

  10. Detailed cost plans (from a separate chartered quantity surveyor practice).




  1. Monthly invoices to be paid within 14 days.